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So one of my friends broke her arm falling off her porch and her hot neighbor friend took her to the emergency room. When she about to get a xray the technician asked “is there any possibility of you being pregnant?” and she’s like “No” the technician looked at her, looked the the hot neighbor friend then look back at her and asked "Are you sure?"

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"when women wear makeup they’re basically lying to us" well i don’t see why i’m being blamed for a man stupid enough to really think i have red and gold eyelids

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did u guys see the deer with the ribbon


this one did u see it

did u see this

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"I forgot what I sent you"

—ancient snapchat proverb (via tentacoolaid)
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"What a fucking nerd"

—Me talking about someone I love (via cowprince)
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Do you stop believing in the moon just because the sun comes up?

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I really like this guy and I've been talking to him lots, But I don't think he likes me in 'that way'. What can I do to change his mind?


[whispers] send him nudes

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Teacher: "Can you please tell the class why you're so late?"
Me: Someone told me to go to hell
Me: Couldn't find it at first
Me: But now I'm here
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